Obscure Wedding Request

pinata weddingsIt is not a big secret; weddings are supposed to be fun and enjoyable for the couple taking their vows and their guests. It is supposed to be special and a day that will set the tone for the rest of the couple’s life together. Creating a memory is a top priority for most all couples and their families. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that occasionally there is an obscure wedding request and it is up to the wedding planner to come up with a way to pull it off.

Just for Fun

Creating fun memories is important to most all couples. They may make Jenga game pieces and let their guest put words of wisdom on them or they may have a piñata for the reception. Some couples may choose to not single out the unmarried ladies, but pass off the bouquet to a couple that has been married longer than all others and have them tell the secrets of happiness and long-lasting commitments. They may have themed weddings that include everyone in the wedding party dressing up as a superhero, choreographing a special dance for the reception, or riding off on horseback sipping hard lemonade from mason jars. All of these ideas are very easy to pull off and most do not require a lot of effort by anyone.

Bizarre Wedding Locations

alpaca farmOne of the biggest things people like to do with their weddings is take it outside of the traditional church environment. They may go to the beach or a nearby park for their wedding. Then you have people who want to go further into the unknown. For instance, getting married at an alpaca farm, in a tree-house, or even at a bowling alley. There are couples who opt to take their vows at a haunted hotel, underwater, and clock towers, along with the not so bazaar romantic paradise locations.

Over the Top Wedding Ideas

ferris wheels

Some people want their weddings to be somewhat traditional while others prefer to make the most of their day with family and friends. They want to see their families laughing and even playing together. They want to make a day that is unlike all others. This often leads to some over the top ideas. Instead of a catering company preparing food, they may have food trucks like you would find at a carnival set up and serving carnival foods. They may stick to the theme by having a Ferris Wheel, bounce houses, and a petting zoo. Some of these requests may take a little effort on the behalf of the wedding planner and others may seem rather difficult to make come true, especially in foreign countries where you may have to find a llama to rent for the day or chickens for sale Philippines.

In all of these ideas, the wedding planner will have to put forth their skills if they want to ensure that the couple has their perfect wedding day celebrations. The more obscure the wedding request is; the harder it is going to be to plan, but in the end; it is well worth it for all who are involved.